Why Every Woman Should Know About Vaginal Injections?

Women vaginal health is very rarely discussed openly. Many women shy away from the topic and find it difficult to communicate the same or even discuss the same with experts to understand that various vaginal ailments are totally natural and are actually a part of the aging process. Highlighting certain aspects of vaginal injections that one needs to know in order to ascertain that they are something that is needed!


You might have come across this term in women-centric magazines. Well, OSHOT’s are orgasm inducing shots or injections. This type of treatment makes use of the patient’s own platelets for the purpose of regeneration of certain issues through the stimulation of the vagina and the clitoris tissue.

It is a relatively painless procedure wherein blood is collected from the patient and then it is put in the centrifuge to separate the platelets from the red blood cells. In this way, the platelet-rich part is then reinjected into the vagina for stem cell regeneration thereby rejuvenating it.

  • When should one opt for this treatment?

The signs can vary from one woman to the other. The basic symptoms start from urinary incontinence to vaginal dryness that can be related to menopause. Other symptoms involve painful intercourse, loss of sexual pleasure, and the inability to achieve orgasms. It can also lead to vaginal laxity. If experiencing any of these then it is about time to visit your gynaecologist and discuss this option in detail. Given that there are no such side-effects, you are more than likely to get the thumbs-up.

  • Benefits of vaginal injections

We can start with stating that the fact that there will be a definite effect on your sexual activity as you will be able to achieve more frequent orgasms apart from other issues that you were facing earlier.

Also, as the process is autologous, meaning, in which the solution is derived from the body itself, it makes the process quite risk-free as there are low to no chances of imminent side effects.

These OSHOT depend on the woman’s age, maturity, hormonal status as well as the personal expectations associated with it. You can get more details about it at Clinique anti aging vaginal injections and learn about how it’ll affect you and your vaginal health.

It is about time that you take the step towards personal care, pleasure, and hygiene.