What Is Protein Powder?

If you want to become a body builder or possess strong muscles then start taking a lot of protein powder. If you are a body builder then protein powder should never miss in your diet, without it, you will never achieve your muscle building dream.

The main purpose of protein is to help you gain weight and build your muscles during weight lifting or exercise. However this does not mean that it can only be taken by body builders only, even athletes and weaklings.

Protein is necessary for body building. Protein also helps boost the immunity system and also facilitate faster healing of wounds. Generally they are what constitute muscles and tissues hence the reason why we need then for normal growth and development.

What To Look For In Protein Powder?

There are 2 major types of proteins; 1) animal protein, and 2) vegetable protein.

Choosing the best type of protein powder can be very difficult because there are so many varieties out there. Some protein powders are best for athletes, for athletes, sportsmen and others for fat loss.

1) Price – Ask yourself about the price and whether it’s expensive or cheaper.

2) Purpose – You should know what you want to achieve taking the protein.

3) Taste – Another thing is the taste of the powder. Of course you wouldn’t want protein powder that tastes nasty. It helps if you ask for recommendations from friends.

4) Mix Ability – Look for something that is easy to mix using a spoon and does not clamp on sinks and cups.

To get good results, it is always advised that plenty of proteins be taken through various combinations of foods. The powder is normally made from a combination of two or more ingredients and the basic sources are whey, soy, eggs and rice.

Types Of Protein Powders For Body Builders

1) Whey Protein Powder  Whey is a by product of cheese a substance collected from milk. It has the highest biological value, even higher than an egg. This means that it is the only substance with full protein components and this also means that it offers the body with all the necessary supplements for better growth of muscles and tissues. There are three types of whey protein powder; isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate.

2) Casein Protein Powder – Casein just like whey is a protein collected from milk. Milk is normally a combination of the two proteins; casein (80%) and whey (20%). Some people say that casein is the best for body builders when protein is synthesized from it compared to whey. Casein is rich in sodium and calcium. Calcium caseinate is however the best because it has low sodium content.

3) Soy Protein Powder – Soy protein is not very popular for powder choices. However they can still act as good alternatives to whey and casein protein powders. It is the best choice for vegetarians and also great for lowering high cholesterol.

4) Egg Protein Powder – Egg whites are also very popular and have a good profile of amino acids. They are very beneficial apart from being fat free and cholesterol free.

Choosing the right protein powder can be very confusing. If you want to build your muscles hassle free it is good to do own research to determine which is best for your body.