Varicose Veins Treatment with the help of natural remedies

Those who have the problem of varicose veins are usually told to do regular exercise which can help a lot with the management of the condition and also improve the symptoms. It is a common known fact that regular exercise improves the circulation of the body and thus can help alleviate varicose veins symptoms and help in varicose veins treatment. Simple and low impact exercises like walking, running, swimming, cycling, rocking of legs and so on can help a lot in this condition. Yoga can also help a lot with varicose veins symptoms. SImply type in ‘varicose veins treatments near me’ in Google to find the best doctor for your problem.

Other than this those suffering from varicose veins are also told to try out compression stockings. These are easily available at most pharmacies and aid the veins in moving blood towards the heart. It also helps in reducing aches and pains related to varicose veins. Another thing to keep in mind is that one should avoid wearing too tight fitting clothing. This restricts movement and does not help in good blood circulation.

Other than the above remedies there are also some simple home remedies which are known to help in varicose veins treatment.

Essential Oils – 

Certain studies have shown that essential oils have quite a positive effect on varicose veins treatment. Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L) has been seen to help with heaviness, leg pain as well as itching. Sea pine extract (Pinus Maritima) and Butcher’s broom extract (Ruscus aculeatus) reduces edema and swelling. All these oils are easily available in health outlets or even in online stores. However, please do keep in mind that these essential oils need to be diluted with carrier oils before one applies them topically or use it in a diffuser.

Diet –

One of the main reasons for pain and swelling is water retention. One can reduce that with some changes in their diet. One needs to introduce potassium-rich foods in their diet like pistachios, almonds, white beans, lentils, leafy veggies, potatoes and fish like tuna and salmon. On the other hand, sodium-rich foods or salty foods can increase water retention. Hence one needs to cut down on such food.

Those suffering from varicose veins also need to ensure that they eat high fiber content foods. This prevents constipation and helps in good digestion. This is especially important as one should not strain as is done when one suffers from constipation, which can, in turn, aggravate weakened valves. Hence, one should introduce whole grain foods, legumes, seeds, nuts, wheat, oats as well as flaxseeds in their diet.

Flavonoids –

Another very effective way for varicose veins treatment is including foods with flavonoids in their diet. This can help in reducing and shrinking the varicose veins. This improves the blood circulation and thus discourages blood pooling in the veins. It also helps in reducing blood pressure and relaxation of blood vessels. Foods that consist flavonoids are veggies like broccoli, spinach, bell peppers, onions, citrus fruits, blueberries, cherries, apples, grapes, garlic, cocoa and so on.

It is also advisable that patients suffering from varicose veins try and reduce their weight, especially those who are overweight as this in itself can majorly help in the reduction of the pressure on veins and can also help in varicose veins treatment.