Quick Question: Are Kegal Devices More Effective Compared to Pelvic Exercises?

Quick Question: Are Kegal Devices More Effective Compared to Pelvic Exercises?

Today, no woman should go through the shame and inconvenience caused by accidental slippage. For most girls, it happens after a sneeze, cough or when bursting out in laughter.

Does this sound familiar? If so, this piece is for you – grab a coffee, sit back and read on.

The pelvic muscles are responsible for holding your bladder, sexual pleasure, successful pregnancy and more. So the importance of pelvic care can never be over-emphasized. The question is, should you go for a kegel device or stick to pelvic exercises?

Here’s why a kegel device can help

Before attempting to fix this problem, let’s try to understand it first. A pelvic floor is a group of skeletal muscles – which are worn down by pregnancies, childbirth, and menopause. But interestingly, when muscles appear in a conversation, exercise is never too far away.

Kegel devices are designed to help you regain your pelvic fitness effortlessly. Unlike traditional exercises, you don’t need to engage any other muscles within your body. Of course, that is particularly helpful to people with injuries or illnesses that limit their movement.

Kegel exercises

Pelvic exercises are also a viable option for strengthening your pelvic muscles. But the catch is, are you doing it right?

First, you need to find the muscles in question by stopping your urine midway when using the restroom. However, performing this exercise too much can have a negative impact as it can push urine back to the bladder, increasing the risk of urinary tract infection.

As you can imagine, the process can be time-consuming, though you only need three to four sessions per week. The other days in between give the muscles a chance to rest and recover. But how do you know if you’re doing it right? You can either find out over time when positive results become evident, or you can get real-time data from using a kegel device. 

Going off the data 

After identifying the right muscles, connect the device to your phone through Bluetooth (if available) then lie on your back with your legs bent. While in this position, lubricate the kegel device (using a water-based lubricant) while you are relaxing your entire body. Insert the device and carefully contract and relax the muscles in five-second intervals, at least ten times. With persistence and repetition, you will soon reap the benefits of proper exercise and cutting-edge technology!