Foam Roll: Increase Your Performance and Keep Away from Injuries

What is Foam Roller?

Exercise devices that are used for massaging and fitness are called foam roller. They came in various size and shaped, also they come in different textures. But usually, they are long and cylindrical. They are used as a self-massaging device and can help in soothing sore, tight areas, also known as trigger points, and recovers muscles fast. The process to roll out the tight muscles, and to relieve tension is known as myofascial release. You can watch video about foam roller by clicking over the link

Benefits of using a foam roller

Using regularly foam rollers, primarily the deep tissue massage roller gives you a lot of benefits similar to sports massage. They help to reduce any inflammation, joint stress and scar tissue, as well they improve blood circulation, and your flexibility improves. Following are some of the benefits of foam roller:

  • Using foam roller will help you prevent injury as well as it will help you recover from any injury fast.
  • For a healthy body breaking up scar tissue and adhesions of the muscles, skins, and bones are important, foam rollers help in doing that.
  • A foam roller will improve the flexibility and mobility of your body.
  • Studies show that with the help of foam roller, you can remove lactic acid and aid your recovery.
  • Using foam roller saves a lot of money for you. If you go for a sports massage, one message will cost you the cost of a whole foam roller.
  • You can use a foam roller as a workout tool.

Here is a list of recommended foam rollers for beginners

  • Overall best: Premium High-Density Foam Roller
  • Grid: GRID Foam Roller
  • Physical Therapy: Rolling Foam Roller
  • Half Roller: Soft Density Foam Roller
  • Stick: Tail Message Stick
  • Best Vibrating: PVTL Vibrating Foam Roller
  • Cyclists: Myofascial Release Foam Roller
  • Shoulders: Bar and Stands

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