Do the positive effects of steroids improve your health?

The steroids are organic compounds having different functions in the body and are synthesized from cholesterol such as various hormones, your endocrine system such as testosterone, progesterone. But beware you must be very careful because none of the beneficial or positive effects mentioned has to do with health, but only with the aesthetic and performance part so you have to learn to differentiate. Each hormone has a specific and important function to maintain the proper functioning of the organism. The anabolic are all foods and / or supplements or compounds that allow the action of synthesis (development, growth) in your body. Hence, foods have an anabolic function in your body.

What are artificial anabolic steroids?

Putting together these two terms, “anabolic steroids,” one could simply refer to a hormone, for example, as is the case of testosterone which in itself is a steroid hormone with an anabolic effect and which is naturally produced by the gonads in the man and in the woman by means of the ovaries. The problem is when the previous terms are combined with the word “artificial”. Artificial anabolic steroids which are nothing more than substances whose main component are the testosterone that it produces in different laboratories. You can compare anavar vs winstrol if you want to know the difference between the steroids produced for different reason. Why is it important? Because you need to know which drug is beneficial for what conclusion?

Harms of cheap artificial anabolic steroids

An excess of testosterone will cause an excess of erythropoietin and this will cause an excess of erythrocytes or red blood cells, a condition known as polycythemia which increases high blood pressure. Then, this added to the enlargement of the heart and possible increase in systolic pressure, at any time a person could suffer from myocardial infarction. Of course, it may not happen today or tomorrow, but the risk is always going to be maintained.

So it’s better to avoid it. Other common known negative causes that are generated from the use of artificial anabolic steroids are the decrease in the size of the testicles. It should be noted that gym supplements do not fall into this category because although they have an anabolic effect, they are not related to being artificial steroids that is they are not or do not contain testosterone as such that could have been produced in laboratories.

Conclusion: Benefit of the steroids

The supplements that are called testosterone precursors usually only help people who have low levels of the hormone mentioned, but in a person who has naturally good levels of this hormone will have much positive effect. Gym supplement has good levels of testosterone, this means that the minerals, vitamins and macro nutrients necessary for this are in good levels. For this reason it is that some people with good levels of this hormone that consume these products based on herbs or roots often have discomfort such as dizziness, desire to vomit, nausea, etc.