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5 Adventurous Things to Do Lake Toba

When you decided to visit Lake Toba in Indonesia, you might want to consider doing these 5 adventurous things.

1. Kayak around the Lake

Among the best things to do around Lake Toba is kayaking. Out on the lake, you’ll feel at one with nature. You might easily rent a Kayak and move paddle off on the crystal clear waters of the lake. You’ll be spoiled from the perspectives of submerged mountains touching the sky above. I’d recommend stopping to get an abysmal picnic by the lake, shared with a beloved one. It’s a reviving experience! In addition, you might also go fishing on a traditional fisherman’s boat. Ask the locals about it.

2. Learn about the Town of TuktukSiadong

Should you visit the island of Samosir your first stopping point is the town of TuktukSiadong. The ferry from Parapat stops here. The town is calm yet lively. There’s plenty of accommodation, charming bars and restaurants. One may stay in a traditional Batak-style bungalow and simply drift around, meet the friendly locals and enjoy the views of the lake, before settling down to explore the island further.
In the event you’re searching for a location to maintain around TuktukSiadong attempt LasterJony’s and Gokhon Guesthouse in case you’re on a budget. Horas Family Home is a fantastic mid-range option. It’s basic, but comfortable and the hosts are all accommodating. Toba Village Inn is the best resort on the island.

3. Check out Some Wonderful Waterfalls

Samosir Island is home to a magnificent waterfalls. The most impressive is the 120-metre tall Sipiso-Piso Waterfall. The waterfall is located at the the northern border of Lake Toba. You might increase the waterfall to for a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape (there’s a wonderful guide to the drops here). Another superb waterfall to inspect is the Binangalom Waterfall, which cascades into the lake. It’s a fantastic spot for a refreshing swim on a hot day and among the best things to do in Lake Toba.

4. Learnabout Batak Culture

Theregion surrounding Lake Toba is populated with the Batak men and women. This cultural group have their very own music, food and dance. Visiting Lake Toba is a Chance to Learn about the civilization. One can visit the Batak Museum, tucked into a traditional home where the king Raja Sidauruk was able to live before he passed away.

5. Lounge in a Hot Spring

Based in the base of PusukBuhit you’ll find some natural hot springs. It might be better to call them hot springs. Or maybe scalding springs… Some of the springs have been funneled into small pools where one can soak in the oceans and unwind. They’re inexpensive and quite basic, but an intriguing place to visit regardless when you’re able to cope with the warm temperatures of the water.

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